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Team Marketing
Team CRM

CRM "Data Shares" for Team Productivity
Calendar Shares
By Team and 1-to-1. Plus Google Calendar Sync. Share by Group, to Team Leader and Team Admin.
Plus, private Non-Shared views too.
Contact List Shares
By Team and 1-to1.

For sharing across the Team, with Team Leader and with Team Admin.
Share how you want - with who you want, or keep them private.
KiTS Cross Channel Marketing combines the power of the Team Brand and voice of the Agent Member into each communication.

Attract & Retain Team Members with Connected Marketing that is TEAM Branded, AND Agent Focused. YES, KiTS Delivers the Best of Both worlds for Team Management.

- Team Brand reflects your Brand look & feel, Customized to each Team Member, and personalized to each Individual Contact.
- Editorial content for Teams written as “we” and “us” instead of  “I” and “me”.