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KiTS Direct Marketing News - Changes Size & Shape month-to-month

KiTS masters the art of Variable Data so that Each & Every Newsletter is unique  from You to a Contact. Articles & even writing styles are changed by how you know a Contact. The Type of Property they have. The Language the speak, and Region they live in. KiTS leads all markets in creating Relevant 1-to-1 marketing conversations that Build MindShare.

Even the Cover Art Changes

1 Month = 8 DIFFERENT Covers: by Season, by Holiday, or by House Type

KiTS 2021 VDP WOW Calendar

The KiTS VDP WOW Calendar is unique. Every Month is Personalized to your Contact - some months use First Name, some months use Last Name. And you, your brand is on every calendar month too.
KiTS VDP WOW Calendars - are WOW!!!