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Condo Farm


You've told us the Building Address

that You want to Farm. Thank you.

First Edition: June, 2021. 10x year.

Cost Matrix: Mirrors KiTS Direct Marketing News Cycle.

Bonus - Each cycle the KiTS System will issue you a credit for Combined Tier Status Volume by a lookback at your KiTS DM volume and combining it with the Condo Farm volume.

Address Reservation: Assigned by First to Commit.

KiTS Condo Farming includes:

• Direct Mail Marketing News

• Special Landing Page Module

• Custom eNews Filters Feature

• Exclusive Loop CRM Condo Module

Condo Farm

for You

The right way into the Mailbox.
Plus Smart "eTools".
You become part of the Building Community
and the Go-To-Realtor Resource.

Condo Buildings Don't have Sold Signs.

And the mail-box is exclusive domain.

KiTS solves both issues, plus more.

KiTS Condo Farm Marketing

• Delivered into the Suite mailbox

• Branded to You

• Customized to the Building

• Personalized from you to:

 − Owner Occupants

 − Tenants

 − Investors


Condo Farm Marketing – a Modual within KiTS Loop CRM

Customize your Condo Farming News with photos of the building. Change the cover image as seasons change. Include your custom note. Upload & publish images, events & activities specially targeted to the building. Its KiTS VDP, so articles change on-the-fly for relevance to Owner Occupants, Tenants or Investor Owners.

Touch-points, direct marketing and e-marketing are all tightly unified into a new Condo Farming Module that is seamlessly integrated into KiTS Loop CRM. 

Farming a Condo is your opportunity to build a synchronous income that is resillient.

Market to Multiple Relationships 1-to-1

• Owner Occupants - Sell.
• Tenants - Become Next-Gen Buyers.
• Owner Investors - Have no Sold Signs to go by.
Build relationships that go wide and deep, for a continuous series of Buying & Selling activities.

More than a Newsletter. Much More.
Multiple Marketing Tools for enhanced Touchpoints.

• Variablized, Customized, Personalized VDP Direct Mail News 10X year
Easily add pictures of Building events. Share notices of community events.

• Targeted eMail to the building's audience

• Custom eNews focused on building events

• Exclusive Landing Pages to discover and nurture relationships

• Use Action Plans to drip market specific lead


Reserve By Building Address
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