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Loop CRM manages the Contacts you market to, using your KiTS VDP  Realty Insights Newsletters.

Loop CRM includes – eNews Automated, Geo eMail, and Geo Calling, Life Events, DayStarter email, Sales Hub complete with Daily Call List, ready-to-go Social Media Content, and more. PLUS you can opt-in to features that include: Geo-Farm Flyers, Drip Marketing, Referral Thank You Cards, and KiTS VDP “WOW” Calendars, too.

KiTS Plus:  $18.95/mo add-on
ALL of the above features  - PLUS you can add ALL of your Contacts, Friends, Family, Associates, and Prospects into Loop CRM.

PLUS, KiTS Plus lets you add Contacts on-the-fly, KiTS Lead Caps are activated too. Add a Web Lead Cap Widget and launch Automated Action Plans.

Using the example from the ROI Calculators on this website:

1200 Realty Insights Newsletter Touch-Points, or
120 Newsletters 10X a year - $190.15/ month*

Add-on  KiTS Plus - at $18.95/mo.
- then budget is:  $209.10/ month*

* Not including taxes

For specifics about a Marketing Plan tailored to you, call us at: 905-731-7455 or 888-548-7725.

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